180 minutes fire escape steel door

10 11 2020 - 14:11:49
The 180 minute period is long enough for us to have the most necessary escape methods when there is a fire incident in our living and working space. With a 180-minute steel door will give you the safety in the worst case scenario.
Why choose fire resistant steel doors 180 minutes?
  • The reason that we should trust and use the fire resistant steel door 180 minutes is that the door is made of solid steel frame material, inside which is a durable glass cushion temperament. Fire resistance with useful life.
  • This 180-minute fire door is used in the space of residential buildings, used in exits, used in buildings and villas, used in industrial locations, ... with different sizes depending on the size of the door that the user needs to install.

Safety with fire resistant steel door 180 minutes
  • With a fire resistance time of 180 minutes, this door helps the person in space to get the most needed escape when a fire occurs in his or her space.
  • The 180-minute fire-retardant steel door is located in space, which helps the rescuer to have the most timely rescue of the burning space, protecting the life of the person inside the fire.
  • This is considered a useful fire protection solution should be used to minimize the risk of frequent fire as it is today.

The meaning of life in fire fighting
  • Fire protection is ensured as the basis for our people to have the best quality of life as a result of their living and working conditions being protected from fire safety incidents. .
  • Reduce the risk of mental and psychological trauma caused by fires on people in the fire and relatives of victims.
  • Reduce the loss of social funds used to focus and invest in fire prevention and fire today.
  • Successful firefighting makes it possible for us to be safe and to have the best possible personal safety when there is a bad incident happening in this life. The 180-minute fire door is one of the best tools for the needs of our fighters and fighters.
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