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Welfare regime

10 08 2018 - 15:49:23
Salary policy

Each year, in addition to the monthly salary, the employee is entitled to one more month's salary. 13. With the motto "Employees are the decisive factor of the success of the company, VAP focuses on the development and strengthening of human resources. , interested in the material life as well as the spirit of the staff. This is reflected in the fact that the VAP always strives to implement the provisions of the Labor Code, policies and regulations of the state, and facilitates employees in their work, study and promotion. their.


In addition, depending on the business results of the company, staff also enjoy business bonuses at the end of fiscal year.
In addition to wages, depending on the position and title of each period, VAP employees are entitled to allowances for proper and timely work, telephone allowances, housing allowances, lunch allowances , allowances, and bonuses for employee contributions such as travel bonuses, Tet holidays, business bonuses, performance bonuses, etc.

Other welfare regime

employees can participate in social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance in accordance with Labor Law and Social Insurance Law. In addition, employees are entitled to accident insurance and compensation in accordance with the company.
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